Campaign Chair Sandy Hostetter Offers Perspective on Community Need & Importance of Giving

Sandy Hostetter, United Way’s new Campaign Chair, stopped by United Way headquarters this week to get acquainted and offer her perspective on the importance of this year’s fundraising effort.

Sandy, who is President of CNLBank and a well-respected business leader, said many local financial experts don’t believe Central Florida’s economy will even begin to recover until early 2011, making it another rough year for businesses and the thousands of people who are trying to find jobs. 

“It’s easy to drive up and down I-4 and see the new sports arena and other signs of prosperity and think that things are getting better,” Hostetter said. “The reality is that there are a lot of people who are losing everything and still can’t find a job.”

Even more telling, she said, is the number of people who formerly supported United Way and other charities who now need help themselves.

“Those of us who are fortunate enough to still have jobs owe it to our community to reach out and help others,” she said. “The need is right here, right now.”

Sandy said that’s the message she’ll be spreading across the community in coming months as she calls on local CEOs and others to support the campaign, which formally kicks off in September.

“You only have to look next door, down the street, at church or across the grocery store to see people who need our help,” she added. “We have to be ready to come to the rescue.”


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