It’s great to hear from people we’ve been able to help through 2-1-1

As a 2-1-1 call specialist, it’s always refreshing to hear back from people who are getting help through local agencies.

This is especially true since finding help has been an ongoing challenge as agencies deal with increased need and dwindling resources.   

A few weeks ago we received a call from a single mother with two young children who was in desperate straits.  After being laid off from her job, she was really struggling to make ends meet and didn’t know where to turn. 

We referred her to a few agencies in our 2-1-1 data base that seemed like a good match for her needs. Fortunately, one was able to assist in paying her electric bill, which helped her tremendously. Since then, she’s been able to find a new job and is getting back on her feet.

She called back a few days ago to thank us for helping and being there in her time of need. Hearing from her reminded me that, although there are still lots of people who are struggling financially, help is available and more and more people are beginning to see it, slowly but surely. It kind of restores your sense of hope and faith.

Jessica Spivey
2-1-1 Senior Crisis Specialist
Team Leader


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