More than Anyone Could Have Imagined

When the story of these times gets written, we want it to say that we did all we could, and it was more than anyone could have imagined.

This past Saturday, Lockheed Martin truly exemplified the meaning of this quote as nearly 900 of its most caring and generous employees rolled up their sleeves to help elderly residents living at The Salvation Army’s Booth House center.

Year after year, Lockheed employees are the biggest corporate group taking part in United Way Days of Caring, Central Florida’s largest community-wide volunteer event. This year was no exception as the “Lockheed Army” joined hands, opened their hearts and lent their muscle to make a difference.

Throughout the day-long project, employees worked in teams to paint residential areas, spruce up the landscaping and even plant a vegetable garden for residents living in the two Orlando towers. 

At one point, I noticed an elderly women looking down from her second-story apartment. Though she seemed frail, she had the joyful smile of a young person as she waved to the volunteers below. She reminded me of someone who’d just received a special gift – and that’s when I realized we all had.

By working together in a committed, compassionate way, Lockheed volunteers not only brightened this woman’s life – they also strengthened the caring spirit of our community, which is what makes us vital and strong.    

Thank you, Lockheed Martin, for your tremendous generosity. Once again, you’ve achieved more than anyone could have imagined.

Robert G. Haight
United Way Senior Vice President
Resource Development


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