Why Today is So Special

Today is an extra-special day — a day to thank folks who may often be overlooked. Want to know what day it is? 

Here’s a hint: Our community knows that volunteering is an important part of making Central Florida a better place, but we often forget the dedicated professionals who encourage and enable volunteers to make a difference. This Friday helps us make sure they are not forgotten. 

Can’t guess what day we are hinting at? We’ll fill you in: November 5th is International Volunteer Managers Day! 

At Heart of Florida United Way’s Volunteer Resource Center, we want to give our thanks to dedicated volunteer managers throughout Central Florida. Without their devotion to making Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties better places to live, many nonprofits would find it impossible to accomplish their unique missions. 

To help us thank local volunteer managers, three Central Florida frozen yogurt companies (TCBY on Conroy-Windermere Road, Menchies on Sand Lake Road and Gurtzberry in Winter Park) have generously donated free frozen yogurt for all the volunteer managers we work with. 

We have already mailed out thank you cards with gift certificates to local volunteer managers, but we need your help to spread our appreciation! 

We encourage you to show your gratitude today to the volunteer managers you have worked with, whether at a one-time event or at an ongoing volunteer opportunity. Volunteer managers are enthusiastic individuals who inspire others to serve and offer them an opportunity to make a difference. What can you do to let them know they are appreciated?

To learn more about International Volunteer Managers Day, go to http://www.volunteermanagersday.org.

Shari Orr, MPA
United Way, Community Participation Manager


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