United Way Thanks Dr. Phillips Charities for Building Refurbishment

As visitors to United Way’s headquarters are noticing, our building has a much brighter, up-to-date appearance thanks to recent refurbishments underwritten by Dr. Phillips Charities.

The new paint, carpeting and other improvements are the first since 1999, when Dr. Phillips generously provided a donation that enabled us to move into our first permanent home.  At that time, Dr. Phillips also had the foresight to set aside restricted funds that were dedicated solely to the building’s upkeep. 

Over the past 11 years, normal wear and tear have taken a noticeable toll, and while we’ve always remained proud of our facilities they were beginning to look a little “tired.” And with our conference rooms offering free meeting space for more than 800 community meetings a year, the remodel was sorely needed.   With the renovation complete, staff and the many outside visitors who use the building have a pleasant, professional work and meeting space.   

Best of all, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Phillips, no donor dollars were used to complete the project.

To preview the new look and thank Dr. Phillips, United Way hosted an open house on Monday, Dec. 6, which was attended by local leaders, community volunteers and many of our nonprofit partners. Guests also toured the building, which has never looked better!

Among those attending were Rob Mellen, President and CEO of Dr. Phillips Charities, and Dr. Ann Manley, Vice President of Dr. Phillips Inc. They graciously accepted our heartfelt thanks, as well as a plaque presented by United Way President/CEO Robert H. (Bob) Brown, which read:  

With sincere appreciation to Dr. Phillips Charities for your extraordinary support of Heart of Florida United Way and our community by donating our building as well as the funds to refurbish and maintain our home.


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