Thank You, Enterprise Holdings!

Proving once again that they’re a great community partner, Enterprise Holdings recently presented a check for $189,649 to United Way’s 2010-11 Campaign.

Thanks to terrific support from the company’s Orlando-area staff ­ − including Employee Campaign Manager Allison Dufresne − the campaign showed a one-year increase of $26,000!

From left, are Robert H. Brown, United Way President/CEO; Liz Rembert, United Way Account Executive; Enterprise employees  Kimberly Sims, Alison Dufresne  and Carolyn Jordon; and Bob Haight, United Way Senior V.P. of Resource Development. 

In addition to running a great campaign, Enterprise supports the community in many other ways. In September, employees took part in a United Way Days of Caring project at The Salvation Army, where volunteers washed cars and trucks used by the agency’s staff and clients.

Wilmaida Ortiz-Aviles
United Way Marketing & Communications
UCF Intern 


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