Claim EITC Refunds Up to $5,666 – FREE Help Now Available!

Tax season is here and with it brings fresh opportunity for many residents to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit – or EITC.

If you haven’t already heard, EITC is credited with lifting more children out of poverty than any other federal program. This year, many hardworking families could qualify for refunds of up to $5,666, which can really help them make ends meet. 

EITC also brings significant money back into the local economy. Last year alone $422 million in refunds were distributed throughout Central Florida, where dollars were spent on food, housing, car repairs, home improvements and other needs. 

Claiming EITC is fast, free and easy. Expert tax preparation help is available — at no charge — at nearly 40 Central Florida locations. Unlike many commercial tax preparers who charge expensive fees or offer high-interest loans, this help is absolutely free. Residents filing returns at these locations typically get 100% of their refund within 10 days.

Already filed your taxes? It’s not too late for a second look. By re-filing returns for the past three years, some qualified residents have learned they’re eligible for retroactive refunds of more than $20,000! 

Help us spread the word about this great benefit. If you’re a business owner or manager, United Way has fliers and other materials that you can distribute to employees and others. To learn more about EITC, click here or simply dial 2-1-1

Wilmaida Ortiz-Aviles
United Way Marketing & Communications
UCF Intern 




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