United Way Internship: Great Way to Grow Personally & Professionally

Serving this summer as a United Way Volunteer Solutions intern was a great experience, which gave me the opportunity to gain new skills, build relationships and learn lessons that will help me as I return to my senior year at the University of Florida.

I was involved in many projects, but the biggest was helping manage the volunteer website, www.uwvolunteers.org, which links individuals, families, businesses and faith-based groups with hundreds of meaningful opportunities to serve throughout our community.

Since the website also benefits local nonprofits, which can use it to post their “wish list” of volunteer projects, I contacted nearly 200 local agencies to let them know about the website, which is free and easy to use.

As a result, several of them are now using it to recruit volunteers, who provide much-needed assistance during these difficult times when all nonprofits arebeing  forced to do more with less.

I also updated a resource page for court-ordered volunteers, created marketing fliers and completed other website updates. I really enjoyed these responsibilities because the end-product is displayed for many people to see and will be useful to United Way long
after I leave. I was proud to see my work on display and felt that I have been an asset to United Way – and our community ‒ because of it.

After completing my internship, I feel very accomplished and thankful.  I gained valuable professional skills and contacts that will help me after I graduate and pursue a career in social services. I’d highly recommend the experience to other students who are looking for a great, hands-on opportunity to get involved, give back and grow ‒ personally and professionally.

P.S. If you or someone you know is interested in a United Way internship, click here to view current opportunities.

Rachel Curll, Intern
United Way Volunteer Resource Center
University of Florida



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