Women’s Leadership Council: Valuable Lesson in Sharing, Saving & Investing in Our Children’s Future

Patty DeYoung, center, was one of nearly two dozen members of the United Way Women's Leadership Council who recently volunteered at the Apopka Family Learning Center

Not long ago, I was fortunate to be among nearly two dozen members of the United Way Women’s Leadership Council who visited the Apopka Family Learning Center, a United Way partner agency that serves children from working-poor families.

We spent a great afternoon with a group of adorable kids and also shared an important lesson, which we hope will serve them well in the years to come.

To get acquainted, we began by reading My Fantastic Field Trip, a book by Dave Ramsey that focuses on the importance of saving money. Afterwards, everyone gathered around to paint piggy banks, which the kids personalized and could take home to start their own savings. Needless to say, the “piggies” were painted all sorts of vibrant colors and I can personally attest that the adults had as much fun as the kids.

We also played a game with Skittles candies, which the children counted out like money and divided into separate envelopes. Lots of lively conversation ensued as we talked about how much they would spend, how much they would save and what they wanted to buy.

The cutest comment came from a little boy who asked if he had to save all his Skittles or if he could eat them right away. “I know about savings,” he said, “but this is candy, not money!”

All in all, it was a terrific day and I’m so proud of the work the Women’s Leadership Council is doing to support local women and children in need. Hopefully, our visit will have a lasting impact in helping these kids grow up to be strong, healthy and financially stable.

To view additional photos, click here.

Patty DeYoung
United Way Council of Women
United Way Loaned Executive


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