Many Thanks to OUC – Our Community’s Reliable Partner

The start of a new year brings reflection and aspiration.

It also reminds us of how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful corporate partners involved in United Way’s 2011-12 Campaign.

These days, hundreds of thousands of Central Floridians are turning to United Way and our partner agencies for help in paying for utilities, housing and other basic needs.

Best Campaign Ever
Nobody knows this better than our friends at OUC‒The Reliable One, who really stepped up their efforts this year to make a positive impact through their workplace campaign. And their hard work really paid off! With final results now in, OUC raised $157,790 – a $10,000 increase over last year – which makes it their most successful campaign ever.

Wired for Success
With 1,176 employees spread across five locations, it required a lot of great behind-the-scenes coordination to reach all of them. Fortunately, Employee Campaign Manager Karlene Ramirez had it all covered. In addition to making sure each employee received personalized pledge envelopes, she also ensured that everyone had ample time to attend campaign presentations, which were scheduled to accommodate various work schedules.

Reflecting OUC’s strong focus on best practices, the campaign kicked off with a big breakfast to thank previous major donors. In addition, senior leadership got behind the effort and really kept the momentum going.

We at United Way are very grateful to OUC and so many other generous partners. With their help, the community campaign has so far raised more than $13.9 million. And though we’re optimistic about reaching our $17.750 million goal, we can’t afford to lose focus now. Too many people are counting on us. If you’d like to support the campaign, simply click here to make an immediate donation.

Jodi DiSalle-Horns
Director of Resource Development
Heart of Florida United Way


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