United Way’s First-Ever Statewide Legislative Agenda Supports Positive Change for Children, the Elderly and Volunteers

For the first time ever, United Way organizations across Florida, including Heart of Florida United Way, have joined together in a unified effort to advocate for legislative issues that are of critical importance to the communities they serve.

As outlined in the 2012 Florida United Way Consensus Legislative Agenda, these priority issues include:

  • Creation of a comprehensive background screening system that ensures the protection of children, seniors and other vulnerable groups without excessively impeding volunteers, nonprofit agencies and others who provide assistance.
  • Maximizing funding for Community Based Care for the Elderly and Home Care for the Elderly.
  • Providing greater access to high-quality school readiness programs for Florida’s children.

“Supporting these three issues will ensure that volunteerism can continue to thrive; the elderly can live with dignity and with less cost to the state; and our future work force will be improved,” said Ted Granger, President of the United Way of Florida. “At the same time, they will save taxpayer costs for nursing home placements, juvenile justice, crime fighting, corrections, education and more. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The agenda, drafted by a statewide panel of community, business and nonprofit leaders, addresses some of the most pressing problems facing all Floridians, according to Robert H. (Bob) Brown, HFUW President and CEO. “The breadth of United Ways’ relationships across all sectors of the communities they serve ensures that the Consensus Agenda is not a special interest agenda, but is an agenda ‘of the people,’” he said.

For additional information about United Way’s 2012 public policy agenda, click here. To learn how you lend your voice and make a difference, e-mail advocate@hfuw.org.


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