United Way Helps a Mom Recover from Job Loss

Eileen_PhotoYou only need to meet Eileen Rodriguez once to see how much she appreciates the blessings in her life. Eileen loves her job and she enjoys living in a comfortable home with her young daughter, Leslie. However, things weren’t always so perfect for the Tupperware Brands employee who served as an inspirational speaker at the Sixth Annual United Way Women’s Leadership Luncheon.

Two years ago, Eileen was jobless and she and her daughter were facing eviction from their home. Eileen’s previous employer had filed for bankruptcy and laid her off so she was left with no income or job benefits.

Every morning she would wake up with hopes that today would be the day someone would call her for an interview. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but no calls came.

“Worry started to set in as I not only had to feed myself, but I also had to find a way to feed my daughter,” she said. “It was because of her that I knew I had to find something, someone, or someplace that I could turn to for help.”

Eileen had been denied public assistance, spent her savings, and her friends and family were unable to help. With her resources depleted, she called United Way 2-1-1 and was placed in touch with a partner agency to schedule a qualification interview.

The agency paid Eileen’s rent and electric bill, and allowed her to take food from their food pantry. Even more importantly, they counseled her on how to create a balanced budget so she could get back on her feet again. Thanks to United Way, Eileen was able to survive the crisis until she could find a new job.

“I am living proof that United Way is carrying out its mission to create opportunities for a better life for all,” she said.

When you support United Way, you support our work to help thousands of people like Eileen and her family who are struggling in these difficult times to pay for housing, utilities, food and other basic needs.


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