Best-Selling Author, Educator Erin Gruwell Sends Heart of Florida United Way a Personal Message

Sometimes it takes just one person who believes in a struggling child’s potential to completely turn his/her life around for the better. For the tough inner city students at Long Beach High School in California, that person was teacher Erin Gruwell.

Heart of Florida United Way is looking forward to hosting Erin Gruwell as the keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Luncheon on Wednesday, March 12. The event will take place at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando. And, Erin is excited, too! In fact, she sent us a video telling us so!

In her New York Times best-seller, The Freedom Writers Diary, Gruwell shared the touching story of how she helped her class beat the odds.  In 2007, two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank played the role of Gruwell in the feature film Freedom Writers based on the real life events.

The Women’s Leadership Council brings together Central Florida’s most influential female leaders to use the power of philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy to boost every child’s chance for success in school and in life.  United Way has put a stake in the ground on education with our national goal to cut the number of high school dropouts in half by 2018.

Tickets can be purchased by visiting, emailing or calling (407) 429-2911.


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