United Way “Steps in the Right Direction” with Health Challenge

One of Heart of Florida United Way’s focus areas is to develop healthy children and families. Well, this includes the United Way family as well! Our internal Live Healthy Committee recently concluded its “Step in the Right Direction” Challenge. The competition was simple: walk as many steps as possible, with the goal to increase the daily average along the way.

Participants were surprised to learn that the total steps they took on an average day were far less than they originally estimated. It takes 10,000 steps a day just to maintain your current weight. This fact, along with some friendly interdepartmental competition, led to amazing results:

  • Total combined steps for all the participants were 8,396,319 or 4,198.16 miles. That is equivalent to walking from the United Way office to Juneau, Alaska with 41.16 miles to spare!
  • Each team walked over 1 million steps.
  • Jill Grevi, Vice President of Finance, came in 2nd place for the individual competition having walked 329,445 or 164.72 miles.
  • Individually our winner, Heath Wells, walked an impressive 396,811 steps or 198.41 miles.

Heath described his biggest challenge during the competition and how he got creative with ways to increase his steps-per-day.

“My biggest challenge was finding the time to get the steps in. I typically run 3-4 times a week and on those days it was never a problem getting my steps. However, I had no idea I was getting so few steps on the other days (averaging 6,000). I had to get creative and use every opportunity to move. Instead of sitting down at home to make phone calls, I would walk around. I parked my car at the far end of the lot. While my daughters played on the slide, I would walk around the backyard. I planned more activities that involved walking (i.e. – nature trails). Whenever I found myself sitting, I would ask myself – “could I be walking now?” The answer wasn’t always “yes”, but it became a little easier each day.”

Are you walking 10,000 steps per day? The American Heart Association offers tips on how to “step up” you total.

Map for Step in the Right Direction post



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