Volunteer Spotlight: Education

Education is the single most influential factor to ensuring that a child does as well as or better than their parents. Education is critical to the success of our community, which is why Heart of Florida United Way is investing in that area.

We are working to boost every child’s chance for success in school, work and life, with the national goal to cut the number of high school dropouts in half by 2018. Volunteers can help make a real difference in this effort.

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT: Developing Safe Communities Through Education

Disney Robotics

We are proud to highlight Disney Robotics as part of National Volunteer Appreciation Month. The Disney Robotics team focuses on teaching teenagers about real-life applications for math, technology and science.

The group volunteers several times a year at Central Florida schools and camps with the hope of inspiring students to become the innovators of tomorrow. Disney Robotics team dedicates themselves weekly and go out their way to ignite kids and teens passion for learning.

We are proud to recognize Disney Robotics for their hard work and commitment. Please follow up with the HFUW blog for more spotlights throughout Volunteer Appreciation Month!


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