Volunteer Spotlight: Alleviating Hunger and Homelessness

2014 WordPress - FedEx
(Kevin Pigue on the left and his dedicated co-workers)

On any given night, an estimated 10,000 residents are living on the streets, staying in shelters, sleeping in cars or doubling up with friends and relatives. Even more heartbreaking, the fastest-growing segment of this population is families with children, who represent the new face of homelessness. Providing basics needs, like shelter and food, is part of Heart of Florida United Way’s focus area aimed at alleviating hunger and homelessness.

Kevin Pigue and his team at FedEx continue to go above and assist in the mission of alleviating hunger and homelessness. Kevin and FedEx are nominees for our Outstanding Corporate Group category for the inaugural HFUW Community Volunteer Excellence Awards. Strongly dedicated to bringing coworkers and friends to volunteer in the food pantry at United Way partner agency Christian HELP, Kevin is always asking “what can I do to help?”

Kevin and FedEx have demonstrated exceptional commitment to this focus area by donating much-needed food, but most importantly donating their time. These dedicated team members coordinated a pickup for hundreds of canned goods and toys from several locations, including scheduling FedEx drivers to pick up and deliver goods to Christian HELP. FedEx employees then assisted with assembling the goods into boxes while another group assisted clients during the canned food and toy distribution.

Please stay tuned for more information about HFUW Community Volunteer Excellence Awards and other nominees throughout Volunteer Appreciation Month! Want to see how you can volunteer this month? The Volunteer Resource Center can help.


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