Volunteer Spotlight: Volunteer Managers

Even though National Volunteer Appreciation Month has come to a close, we will continue to highlight our community’s phenomenal volunteers all throughout the year!

Our final post specifically relating to National Volunteer Month recognizes two exceptional assets to our community – Lynn Devanie of Hope CommUnity Center and Heather Caldwell from Winter Park Day Nursery.  Both are nominees for the Community Volunteer Excellence Awards on July 15. As managers, they create opportunities for community volunteers to stay engaged with their respective nonprofit organizations.

VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT on Volunteer Managers:

Lynn DevanieLynn Devanie started at Hope CommUnity Center as a volunteer. She was with them for many events before she was invited to join the staff. Now, she continues to volunteer her time, even she is a paid staff. Lynn has been in charge of recruitingvolunteers of all types to do many volunteer jobs such as preparing meals for evening students, providing childcare so parents can attend classes without disruptions and many other duties. Lynn understands that volunteers are the heart of the organization; as a result she continues to thrive at recruiting volunteers.

Heather Caldwell from Winter Park Day Nursery and her charismatic personality have Heather Caldwell v2demonstrated outstanding commitment to volunteerism.
Heather regularly goes out into the community to spread awareness of her organization and also participate in events around the Winter Park area.  Heather and the Winter Park Day Nursery have made a huge impact on the clients and community they serve. The clients have been positively affected by the many volunteers Winter Park Day Nursery has coming in on a regular basis. Heather continues to contribute to Winter Park Day Nursery, its clients, agencies and the community all at once.

Please stay tuned for more information about HFUW Community Volunteer Excellence Awards on July 15. Want to see how you can volunteer this month? The Volunteer Resource Center can help.


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