Because Clothes Count


A recent survey supports everything your teen has been telling you. Having the right clothes for school is a big deal. The ebates survey ranked the biggest concerns students face when returning to school and revealed that 32% of kids named “not having the right clothes” as a big source of stress. And whether you’ve noticed this within yourself or not, the same survey says making sure kids are properly outfitted for school is a big point of stress for parents too. In fact, among parents, shopping for clothes and school supplies outranked bullying, bad teachers, homework loads and schedules as the biggest source of stress and concern. This is not a #FirstWorldProblems battle of the fashion conscious. It’s a money issue. For some families, the money simply isn’t there.

Kids need clothes. We get that. So Heart of Florida United Way is launching Dress2Learn, a unique program that provides 21,000 pieces of new clothing to over 5,000 students in Orange and Osceola counties. Initially conceived by Dr. Phillips Charitable Foundation as COOLFIT, Dress2Learn is now a Heart of Florida United Way program.

Dress2Learn not only gives new clothes to homeless kids, it provides a whole new way for the community to get involved. United Way has created a Givecorps web portal so that residents and small businesses alike can start their own virtual Dress2Learn fundraiser. Raise $50 through your signature Givecorps page, and you can dress one child in a new pair of khaki’s, shorts, jeans, graphic tshirt or a polo. Each child will receive 4 dress-code appropriate clothing items.

Raise $500 and you can dress 10 children. Or shoot to be a Dress2Learn Champion and raise $1,000 to clothe 20 children.iStock_000012507492XLarge

It’s easy. Simply visit our Dress2Learn page and click on Start Your Fundraiser. Then it’s just a matter of inviting friends, family and co-workers to support your campaign. There’s no shopping or clothing distribution involved for you. It’s all about your ability to rally online support for the cause!

United Way has set a goal of clothing 5,450 children in Orange and Osceola counties. By outfitting these kids, we can help to raise their self-image, bust the stigmas attached to homelessness and remove the distraction of “not fitting in” from their school day.

Be a stigma buster. Launch your Dress2Learn fundraiser today!


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