What is your Impact Word for 2015?

graphic - HFUW staff's impact word

The New Year is often considered an opportunity to hit the reset button. We’re lucky to be in the business of improving lives year-round. Positive change is what we do. To stay mission-focused, we asked what “Impact Word” would inspire our staff for 2015. These are words the Heart of Florida United Way staff selected as their 2015 Impact Words to live by and strive towards. What is your Impact Word? Share it in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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Here’s some insight into how a few HFUWers chose their Impact Words.

“Waldeinsamkeit” Juliet Jones – Literally translated “woodland solitude,” the German concept of waldeinsmakeit blends the beauty of a peaceful forest with the emotion evoked when reflecting on its calming influence. Having experienced nature’s inspiration extensively in the exiting year, my hopes and intentions for the new year are represented in its meaning: to keep the peaceful feeling with me, to weave it into my every day experiences, and to recall its relaxing presence amidst the hustle of city life. During my next voyage around the sun, waldeinsmakeit will transform from a soothing feeling into exciting action with several creative projects waiting to take root in 2015.

“Extraordinary” Pia Valenciano – Born extraordinary, many of us have succumbed to an ordinary life, an ordinary environment, and the expectation of the ordinary. In 2015, if we all work on adding that little “extra” into ordinary, we would expect only extraordinary results from ourselves, as well as from those around us. If we asked ourselves daily, “what would an extraordinary version of ‘me’ do in this situation?” we would eventually elevate our world that extra notch above the norm.

“Optimism” Mark Batchelor – Positive change, both personal and on a society level starts with optimism. It’s the spark that drives one to follow a passion, chase a dream, or attain a goal. Financial stability may be defined differently by the individuals served through United Way’s programs but it’s the optimism that stability is achievable that allows one to succeed.

“Intentionality” Robert H. (Bob) Brown – In our work, the needs are great and the opportunities are plentiful. We must be very intentional in order to have the maximum impact. There are only so many hours in a day. In order to help the most people, we have to be very focused and intentional. We can’t afford to waste time.

“Venture” Ritu Anand – My word symbolizes entering into new experiences and unknowns; crossing things off of my bucket list, engaging my dreams, and creating cherished memories of quality times with the people that I love. I want to continue to grow as a person with each month, season, and year of my life because life is a time limited and precious gift. 

 “Resilience” Jacqueline RobinsonThe road to resilience lies in working through the emotions and effects of stress and painful events and accepting that change is a part of living. As 2-1-1 crisis specialists, we promote resilience. We listen to clients as they embark on their own personal journey.  In listening and in asking the right questions, we provide a judgment free space in which clients can elaborate their thoughts and where they can regain confidence in their own strengths and abilities and their own problem solving skills.


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