Lend Your Voice to the 2015 Legislative Session Starting Tomorrow

Advocacy is about championing a cause. It’s about taking time to understand the issues, promoting them to friends and family, and increasing awareness of important issues. It’s about lending your voice to people whose voices are seldom heard – children, the elderly, those who are down on their luck.

As the 2015 Legislative Session gets underway tomorrow, here is what Heart of Florida United Way has identified as priority issues for our neighbors in need.

  • Provide access to high quality early learning programs for children. Early learning, as well as early detection and treatment of childhood developmental and behavioral challenges, sets the foundation for a lifetime of success. Read more.
  • Expand access to free tax preparation and financial education programs. Helping hard-working Floridians attain and maintain self-sufficiency is good for the economy and results in more stable and well-functioning families. Read more.
  • Expand access to healthcare for all Floridians. Access to affordable health coverage for all Floridians will improve educational outcomes, result in a healthier and more productive workforce, and prevent Floridians from paying hidden taxes through increased healthcare costs. Read more.

Achieving real, sustained change in community conditions requires the engagement of everyday citizens as well as policy leaders and decision makers at the local, state and national level. As a community advocate, you can play an important role in influencing outcomes that directly improve our neighbors’ lives. Here are 4 easy ways to get involved:

  1. Review United Way’s 2015 Consensus Legislative Agenda.2015 Legislative Session cover image
  2. Write a letter or email to elected officials representing your area to let them know about your priorities.
  1. Submit a 30-second video to advocate@hfuw.org explaining how our legislative priorities impact your life.
  2. Share key issues and articles with your social media networks to help educate your peers on important community issues.

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