5 Job Searching Tips for New Grads


Graduation is coming up fast. Along with graduation parties and relief that finals are done comes another milestone—it’s time to enter the real world and get that first job.

For new grads, this can be a scary prospect.

With some preparation, grads can confidently start their job search and land that coveted position. Here are 5 tips to help get started in a tough job market:

  1. Get Started! The job search process can be quite extensive and prolonged. From the time you submit a resume until you get hired can take up to three or four months. A fresh grad with little experience may find it takes even longer to find a position. Start looking for jobs in your industry before graduation if possible so you can get the process in motion.
  2. Tailor Your Cover Letters to Each Job: Don’t just use one generic cover letter for each application. Write a new cover letter for every position. Include specifics about how you are the best fit based on the job description and show your enthusiasm for the industry and company.
  3. Do Your Homework: Sorry guys! Homework isn’t done yet. Research companies you plan to apply to before submitting your application and interviewing. Make sure you understand what that company does, what their culture is like, and who their competitors are. Having a strong foundation about the company will set you apart.
  4. Have Strong References: Make sure you have solid references lined up. As a new grad, your references can be managers from internships, volunteer organizations, or professors. Let your intended references know when you start applying so they’re prepared for that phone call.
  5. Clean Up Your Social Media: Senior week and graduation pictures are fun, but may give the wrong idea to your future employer. Spend some time cleaning up your social media pages to ensure you are promoting yourself as professionally as possible. Delete pictures if needed, reset your privacy settings, and make sure you come off as a competent, reliable professional.

Heart of Florida United Way is dedicated to changing lives for the better by helping families and individuals gain access to resources they need to stay afloat and succeed financially. For more information about Heart of Florida United Way’s efforts to improve employment and financial stability in Central Florida, visit www.HFUW.org


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