Texas Roadhouse Employees Take On a Texas-size Volunteer Project Benefiting Restore Hope Orlando

Nearly 1,000 volunteers from Texas Roadhouse restaurants across the nation recently partnered with the United Way Volunteer Resource Center to host a Texas-size community service project benefiting Restore Hope Orlando, a Holden Heights area community center.     

The employees were visiting Orlando as part of their annual four-day conference, which always includes one day of community service.  

This year’s project provided major improvements for Restore Hope Orlando, which helps residents improve their standard of living through home ownership, education and more.

Texas Roadhouse, based in Louisville, Ky., donated all of the materials and labor for the project, which included building a playground shelter, painting the facilities, sprucing up the landscaping, installing carpet and assembling new furniture.  

Carolyn Albritton, Restore Hope’s executive director, described the event as a “joyous occasion,” which would enable the center to serve up to 300 children per month, or double its current capacity. “In addition, we’ll be able to expand our summer program to give 100-plus children a safe place to go instead of turning to crime and drugs,” Albritton said. “This is the largest gift that we’ve received in our 20-year history.”

The April 16 event marked the second time in four years that Texas Roadhouse partnered with Heart of Florida United Way in completing a large-scale volunteer project during its annual conference.

And as the pictures show, Legendary Food, Legendary Service, is more than just a mission statement for the folks at Texas Roadhouse. It’s something they really take to heart and we at Heart of Florida United Way salute their commitment and generosity.



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